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    Version 3.3.3

    Release Date: June 6, 2016

    Added back search to the file picker, addresses bug #21109.
    Improved SQL display in the application profiler.
    Fixed a bug where HTML could be rendered in the application profiler for expanded template log details.
    Fixed a bug where show/hide details link didn’t work in the application profiler.
    Altered the member group defaults so that new member groups default to unlocked (see bug #21879).
    Fixed a bug (#21862) where the file picker modal may not be able to paginate in list view.
    Fixed a bug (#21873) where loading the member fields listing would load a different language key for the Member Groups sidebar link.
    Fixed a bug (#21890) where category assignments could be lost if the category field was not included in the form.
    Fixed a bug where using the {exp:jquery:script_tag} would generate a PHP exception.
    Fixed a bug where deleting a member and reassigning their content missed their versioned Channel entries.
    Fixed a bug (#21692) where the channel filter search on the Entry Manger would sometimes not work.
    Fixed a bug (#21783) where HTML buttons had blank previews when they contained HTML entities.
    Fixed a bug (#21735) channel form entries didn’t update the edit date.
    Fixed a bug (#21899) where channel form would ignore custom inline error tags.
    Fixed a bug (#21784) where a PHP error would be shown when going to an edit entry page without an entry_id.
    Fixed a bug (#21391) where New Relic would not be displayed as enabled when it was enabled by default.
    Fixed a bug (#21485) where text fields with numeric content types would throw exceptions when saving with an empty value.
    Fixed a bug where private messages wouldn’t show up in the member portal.
    Fixed a bug (#21535) where there was as missing image for the front-end member templates.
    Fixed a bug (#21851) on sites using MSM where templates from one site could be erroneously copied over to all other sites.
    Fixed a bug (#21583) where a PHP error could occur in the channel form when specifying an invalid entry_id to edit.
    Fixed a bug (#21800) where setting a default template group for a new MSM site unset the default templates on all other sites.
    Fixed a bug where a PHP error could occur on the control panel member profile page when not on the default site.
    Fixed a bug (#21840) where the user language setting did not override the default language setting.
    Fixed a bug (#21861) in frontend member registration where a MySQL occurred if there were custom member fields included on the form.
    Fixed a bug where a blank status highlight color could cause an exception on the content edit page.
    Fixed a bug (#21421) where index.html, index.php, and index.htm would accidentally be synced to a file upload directory.
    Fixed a bug (#21424) where category fields were not using the appropriate field formatting (since it was never set).
    Fixed a bug where you couldn’t update the field formatting for a category field for all existing categories.
    Fixed a bug (#21877) in the 3.1.0 updater that was reaching outside of the database prefix to try to change some tables.
    Fixed a bug where updating your software license file would not be immediately reflected on your Manage Purchases page.
    Fixed a bug where Developer Log items made at the same second might be sorted randomly by MySQL.
    Fixed a bug where Template Partial and Variable updated from the control panel were not reflected in the file system.
    Fixed a bug in the XML-RPC Server implementation that could cause XML parsing failures on newer versions of PHP.

    Version 3.2.1
    Release Date: March 16, 2016

    Fixed a bug (#21679) where the file field could lose content when saving existing entries.
    Fixed a bug where apostrophes were not escaped in the Translation Utility.
    Fixed a bug where entries without authors would generate a PHP error.
    Fixed a bug where using channel form with a channel that has no channel form settings would generate PHP errors.
    Fixed a bug (#20554) where the RTE stored full URLs instead of {filedir_n} tags.
    Fixed a bug where usage of CI_DB_active_rec::distinct() would cause an exception.
    Fixed bugs (#21544, #21353) with uploading and assigning avatars.
    Added member_ids to cp_members_validate_members hook.

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